Free PSN Codes Generator (Updated 2019)

free psn codes

About Free PSN Codes Updated:

Everyone likes games or at least forms of games, as they make us relax and at the same time keep us sharp. One game that is ever increasing in popularity is the PlayStation Network or PSN. This is a multiplayer game created by Sony Entertainment, with it you can play with players across the world. For those who love multiplayer games, it is considered one of the best. Check our free PSN codes updated website.

To use it you have to open an account and there are two types, the master and sub-account. Each has their own unique features, both most favor the master account, due to its wide access.

What is PSN Code? 

For you want to play a PSN game you can buy it from the PS store, and to do that you need Play Station Network Codes, these act as digital currencies for purchases, the codes are usually consist of 12 characters which are combinations of both alphabets and numbers. This is one of the ways gamers can access Play Station 4 games. PSN codes are very popular with minors, due to the fact that they usually don’t own credit cards. When they need a game the can purchase it offline at a mall or gaming shop.

Codes are different, there are codes for larger purchases and there are those for smaller ones. It all depends on the type of codes you buy it generate.

Why Choose PSN Codes in Buying Games?

Using this method is very convenient, and also effective because it us done online and also because the games which you purchase can not be damaged unlike what happens when you buy one in the disk form ( overtime, the disk will get damaged from overuse ). Another advantage of using PSN codes is that the games bought with them can be used on two separate devices, but not at the same time.

How to get free PSN codes?

You can get Free PSN codes online by using PSN code generators, these can be found on several sites online.  The problem with this is that there are lots if sites that are designed to fool and trick people, these sites are scams and you should try and avoid these. Any site that asks you for money is not legit. It wouldn’t be free if you’re asked to pay.

Sites that generate free PSN codes do exist, but you have to be careful about picking them. Earning codes online for free is possible, but a lot of people get scammed and fooled on the net. If you want to get free PSN codes from an online generator, then follow these instructions

Just follow the simple steps below:

  • To get the codes, must click “Get PSN Codes” button to open a new tab containing the PSN code generator
  • There are 6 PSN subscriptions on the page that loads, there are for $20, $50 and $100. To see them you have to go down the page.
  • Depending on your choice or preferences, you should choose the subscription that you want. Select it by clicking on the icon
  • After choosing the most suitable option, an option below the cards will appear named “Generate Now”, click on it.
  • From here you will be taken to the PSN code generator page, this is where you will be given the codes
  • The page will show what category of code you have chosen ( depend-on the subscription you want ). Click on the generate button. This will begin the process of creating the codes. The generator will take your located into consideration while processing the codes, so that they will match your area. The whole process will take about thirty seconds to finish and then you’ll be presented with the codes.
  • Clicking the “Verify Through Survey” option is the last step. Don’t worry its perfectly safe, there’s no malware on this site, so you can get the codes. After get the codes, you can use them to unlock your resources. Depending on what you need, you can enter as many codes as you have.

Hassle-Free of Getting The Codes:

The codes can be used by you to open the Play Station Network, as long as the codes have not been used in the past. After logging into your Play Station account, you can access the play station store. In this store, the codes are now important. There will be a bar for you to fill in the codes, do so, but without error as the codes are long and the characters case sensitive.

After entering the right codes, your play station account will then have full access to the store for a specific time period, depending on the subscription you chose.

Another way to get codes is to perform online surveys. Several sites will reward you with codes after you’ve accomplished a particular task. Some tasks could be as easy as using their search engine or by playing some online games. Examples of such sites are Swagbucks.

When you do get this codes, you can use them to get the games you want. And as said before, what you can get from the store will depend on the quality of the codes you have.

Features of PSN codes:

These codes are created by Sony PlayStation, and they keep them in their database. You can get these codes from online generators. The codes have some features that encourage players to keep on playing.

  • There are no restrictions on who can use the codes, as long as you have a PSN account you are free to use them. They can only be used once.
  • No downloadable features, all you need is for the generator to support you with the codes
  • These codes are not that expensive, but with the right generator you can get them for free.
  • Since the whole process is digital, you get the codes within seconds.
  • Only you have access to the codes
  • The games you get with these codes can’t be damaged

Everybody likes free stuff, who doesn’t especially in the gaming world where there’s a lot to offer. So while trying to find free psn codes generator, try to protect your wallet as well. Stay safe folks.